Veronica Lorenz

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Award Winning Beauty Innovator

Veronica Lorenz grew up in Vancouver, B.C. and spent her early years competing as an award winning figure skater and later doing so professionally. A longer career in skating was curtailed when Veronica developed a benign cervical spinal cord tumor that left her with reduced feeling in her right hand. She adapted by learning how to use her left hand with make up brushes, and inspired by fine art classes at Langara College Veronica reached a likely launching point into make up artistry. She moved to Los Angeles where she studied all aspects of make up at Cinema Make Up School and made her professional introduction as a make up artist on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Requests by celebrities like Diana Ross for fashion spreads soon followed and a true talent emerged.

Veronica’s creative make up reflects her artistic sensibility, be it very natural or using more dramatic effects. Evidence of her skills as a fine arts painter rests in the studied sweeps of her brushes across the faces of Sofia Vergara, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Laura Prepon. Veronica unearths fresh appeal and natural beauty all the way to red carpet events, but finds creating characters and avant-garde looks on Pirates of the Caribbean and the Hunger Games equally exciting.

A strong technique that is both intuitive and precise aptly describes Veronica’s style. It is this keen sensibility allied with a great sense of image that enabled her to expand her creativity into an enterprise. When Veronica couldn’t find an accurate tool to eliminate streaks in makeup application she decided to design it herself. The resulting beautyblender, a unique eco-friendly sponge applicator, quickly became in demand for make up artists and celebrities on film and TV sets.

The idea for her next cosmetics innovation first came about during a walk through a Michaels craft store. Veronica was looking for design inspiration for the Capitol City actors in The Hunger Games. Walking down the stamp aisle she spotted a dandelion stamp and voilà, she found her look.

What she didn’t know at the time was how fortuitous this trip would be. In 2011 her tumor returned, and after a life-saving surgery Veronica was left with her greatest challenge yet: the loss of feeling in both hands. Without the ability to grip an eyeliner pencil she couldn’t create her signature cat eye. Ever the solutions-oriented thinker, she had a flashback to that day in Michaels and another moment of inspiration struck. Veronica decided to design a cat eye and wings stamp that would enable her to create her signature look.

Veronica follows beautyblender with her ingenious cosmetics tool, The Vamp Stamp®. By 2013 she had developed The Vamp Stamp® for an audience that includes pro make up artists, women with disabilities, and generally anyone with less than perfect application skills or with time constraints who wants a way to easily create a sophisticated cat eye look that ensures continuity

The Vamp Stamp® includes a sleek stamp designed to hold like a pencil and a formulated VINK™ eyeliner ink. Recognizing this as another way to put her artistry in the hands of the consumer, Veronica patented her innovation and decided to take The Vamp Stamp® to market.

The simple sophistication of The Vamp Stamp® launched on Instagram and Facebook in the fall of 2016 with pretty, seconds-long how-to videos featuring real women. In less than a week, @the_vampstamp went viral, with top beauty bloggers & publications like PopSugar, Allure, HuffPost, Self and InStyle extolling the virtues & eagerly asking, “When will The Vamp Stamp® be on the market? The answer is early 2017.

Veronica and her team run The Vamp Stamp® out of her office in Eagle Rock. Veronica resides in Los Angeles with her husband Pat, daughter Tesla, and their mini poodle, Big Red.

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