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“Catching Fire”s Makeup Artist: Veronica Lorenz
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I’m so excited to show you guys this interview. I was able to chat with the lovely Veronica Lorenz, who was one of the makeup artist’s for the new Hunger Games movie, “Catching Fire”, out November 22.
She chats about the makeup for the movie, and how to look like Katniss. Enjoy!

What/who inspired you to become a makeup artist?

When I was a figure skater I used to do my own make-up, fun showy stuff that the other girls loved so I ended up doing theirs too. After that I started acting on film and TV sets in Canada but was more excited about what was going on in the hair & make-up trailers. So I decided to try make-up school and here I am!

How did you get on the Hunger Games team?

A friend and colleague of mine, Suzy Diaz, recommended me to Ve Neill, the department head and Jennifer Lawrence’s makeup artist on set.

How do you think the looks have changed since the first Hunger Games movie?

Well for starters there is a new director with a slightly different vision and a new costume designer as well. Together they created an inspiring visual launching point. Wish I could say more but you’ll just have to wait and see 😉

What products did you use to make Jennifer Lawrence’s skin look so flawless?

I’m not sure what Ve Neill used with Jennifer, but Covergirl gave us a ton of products on set and I really liked Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation. I used that on the Capitol City actors and it’s still in my make-up bag. Also Revlon Colorstay is a favorite. Both hold up under hot lights and crazy weather.

Any tips to achieve the Katniss look?

I love the District 12 inspiration of coal, ash and smoke for a Girl on Fire smoky eye. To create this look apply shadow over entire lid and blend into crease. Rim the upper lash line with a soft black pencil and blend out. Apply liner pencil on lower lash line and water line. Curl lashes and use lots of mascara!
For shadow I like to use Dior Couleur and Ombre shadows from the 5-Colour Palette in Smoky Design. Tons of possibilities. Favorite liner pencils are Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Smoke and Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Black. Both pencils are creamy and perfect for smudging. And can’t go wrong with Diorshow- Black Out Mascara!

Do you have any advice for someone wanted to start in the makeup business?

Be willing to work for free at the beginning and try not to say no to a job. Use every opportunity as a way to get better and to learn and be sure to ask for shots for your portfolio. Also, be professional all the time no matter where you are working, every job is a set of new contacts.

Awesome advice, thank you Veronica for this interview!