New product alert: the Vamp Stamp will give you the perfect winged liner | October 23, 2016

New product alert: the Vamp Stamp will give you the perfect winged liner

We all NEED a Vamp Stamp in our lives.


If we could calculate the amount of time we’ve spent in the mirror, trying to make our winged eyeliner identical on both eyes, it’d probably add up to a few days… weeks even.

So, whenever someone claims to have found the perfect winged eyeliner hack, we pause our Destiny’s Child Greatest Hits album and listen.

Meet the Vamp Stamp: This handy little tool promises to create the perfect cat-eye by stamping the liner on your face.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

First things first, you do the rest of your eye makeup as usual. Then, one would grab the Vamp Stamp, dip it in an eyeliner pot, line it up and press it on. Hey Presto – instant cat eye! Although, you may need to go back in with your black liner to join up any gaps.

Sounds pretty fun, huh?

The Vamp Stamp was created by Veronica Lorenz, who is also the co-found of the Beautyblender. (Cough – overachiever – cough.)

A spokesperson for the Vamp Stamp told Glamour that Lorenz created the tool after she lost partial use of her hands following the discovery of a benign tumour on her spinal cord. Despite the diagnosis, Lorenz was determined to continue working as a TV and film makeup artist. So, she created the Vamp Stamp.

And the rest – as they say – is history.

We haven’t heard a release date for the Vamp Stamp just yet. However, according to the product’s official Instagram page, it will be released soon.