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Perfect Winged Liner Is In Your Future With Vamp Stamp | October 20, 2016

Perfect Winged Liner Is In Your Future With Vamp Stamp

No artistic skills required.

No more deep breaths before applying your eyeliner, friends.
There’s a new tool coming out that’s about to change your cat-eye game. Possibly for good.

The cheekily named Vamp Stamp is a double-ended (so you get two size options), V-shaped stamp that fits into the corners of your eyes. The stamp is dipped into your favorite pot of liner, placed at the outer corner of your eye (where you want your wing), and then pressed down onto your skin.

And just like that, you’re wingin’ it like a pro.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

We can’t stop watching the brand’s Instagram videos, which show just how simple this tool makes your liner application:

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

There’s also a really beautiful story behind Vamp Stamp.

We spoke to the Vamp Stamp team and they told The Huffington Post that the tool was created by celebrity makeup artist Veronica Lorenz (who also founded the iconic Beautyblender!) after she was diagnosed with a benign cervical tumor and slowly became unable to do makeup with her right hand due to the partial paralysis the tumor caused. The tumor eventually impacted her left hand as well, leaving Lorenz to get creative in order to apply makeup more effectively and efficiently.

Because winged eyeliner had been one of her favorite looks to create and
to wear, Lorenz created the Vamp Stamp. It’s “a technique anyone can
accomplish in seconds, no skill required,” the Vamp Stamp team told us.

The Vamp Stamp doesn’t have an official release date or price as of now, but the team said they believe the tools “will be available to purchase online within 2-3 months.”

We can hardly wait!