The Vamp Stamp Is Going To End Your Winged Eyeliner Struggle | October 19, 2016

The Vamp Stamp Is Going To End Your Winged Eyeliner Struggle

And it’s ridiculously easy to use.

The struggle to create perfect winged eyeliner is real, but The Vamp Stamp just might solve all of our cat-eye problems. The stamp looks like something from a late-night infomercial. You know the products that promise to change your life but end up being useless? But from what we can see, The Vamp Stamp is legit. And a handful of beauty gurus are already putting it to good use.

So how does it work? It’s just like an arts-and-crafts stamp, except it’s safe to put on your face. You just press the flat tool where you want your wing, and voilà—a perfect cat eye. There’s no need to go over the line multiple times because one tap leaves behind a bold, pigmented color. Yeah, it’s that easy. The only not-so-good news is that The Vamp Stamp isn’t for sale just yet. The brand’s Instagram page says it will be available “soon.” Our only question: How soon is soon? Because we need this, like, yesterday. Scroll down to see The Vamp Stamp in action.

Here’s how you can use The Vamp Stamp to create a bold cat eye.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

And you can use it to get a thin wing, too.

And here’s another vampy look.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp