This is how to get perfect winged liner every time | October 25, 2016

This is how to get perfect winged liner every time

No more make-up fails…

While stars like Alexa Chung and Adele are rarely seen without their signature perfectly winged eyeliner, when it comes to recreating the look at home we usually don’t get quite as impressive results.

The combination of trying to achieve the perfect flick, smooth lines and making it even on both eyes is a beauty challenge that often defeats us, but not for much longer thanks to an amazing new creation called The Vamp Stamp.


An ingenious creation, this eyeliner pen works like a stamp which you simply press against your eye for a flawless winged effect.

There are two different size stamps on offer, which come with a pen at both ends so users can ensure their flicks match and perfect the finished look.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

The Vamp Stamp is an eyeliner stamp to give a flawless look

Sadly the Vamp Stamp is not yet available in stores, but the beauty brand has already attracted close to 22,000 followers who have been impressed by the videos demonstrating the stamp at work.

“I need this in my life!” one commented, while another wrote: “Imagine how easy life would be.”

We can’t wait to get our hands on this!